All Star Update


Attendance Notes

Student Pick-up: Please be sure if you are sending someone to pick up your child that you are emailing the registrar to let us know who will be here.

We must have permission from the parent to release your child to a non parent whether they are on the Emergency contact list or not. We practice safety here at Spectrum and want to be sure your children are safe at all times. Please be sure the person picking up your child has their ID with them when they are here in the office.

Drop Off/Pick Up

Currently our drop off time in the morning is about 3-4 minutes, depending on the time of arrival. Parents and students can help speed up this process in several ways.

1. Have all items ready so students can quickly exit the car. Kids should exit the side of the car closest to the sidewalk.

2. Parents must remain in their cars in the drop off lane. If you would like a slower pace, please park and walk students across the street. We are working on installing a safer crosswalk to help this process.

3. Please pull all the way forward to help get cars out of the main road. Do not drop students off in front of the office.

4. Once you are on the side of the kindergarten playground, students can begin to exit the cars. Please don’t wait to drop your student off at the gate.

After school-

We are currently finishing with all students being picked up in less than 15 minutes. This is a good time compared to other schools in the district. Couple of issues to correct after school.

1.Please do not pick up or drop off students on the main road. K-6 general education students can only be picked up or dropped off in the Front (south) lot. Students can also be picked up or dropped off at the park or on side streets.

2. There are students that have been crossing Palomino street without a crosswalk. Students unaccompanied by an adult must use the crosswalk. We will direct them to the closest crosswalk for their route.

Social Worker Notes

We have a resource available for those in need of weekend snack bags for their students. Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank supplies weekend snack bags that can be sent home with your student at the end of the week. If you would like your students to receive a weekly snack bag, please email me at

Health Office

Parents please remember

to send you kids with

water bottles!!


There will be the first meeting for officers and representatives on Monday, August 7th. THe meeting will take place in room 124 from 3 to 3:45pm.

Don’t forget to wear Spectrum colors on Fridays for Spirit Day each week.

Veterans Day Celebration

If you would like to help celebrate our veterans please contact us. We also would love to have our past service members on campus as we salute them and their service. The veterans celebration will be on November 9th, 2023.