The Cambodian Civil War



The Cambodian civil war took place 1970-1980. During this war the communist party of Kampuchea (informally known as the Khmer rouge) killed nearly 2 million Cambodians. That's a fifth (20%)of the countries population. The war didn't start until 1970 but the fighting started in 1965 when the Lon Nol government was extremely weak and the Khmer Rouge decided that this was the perfect time to attempt to overthrow the government.
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The Capitol, Phnom Penh

Precursor Events

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The Khmer Rouge takes over

On April 17, 1975 the Khmer Rouge took control of Cambodia. The capitol of Phnom Penh was seized and the Khmer Rouge soldiers rode through the streets while crowds gathered to cheer for them. The citizens however had no clue what was waiting for them in the near future.
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The Khmer Rouge used modern technology in this war. Most of their guns were supplied by china. The people in the re-education camps were forced to grow, harvest and ship rice to china to pay for the supplies.
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Cambodian Artwork

This image above is a potion of the mural in Phnom Penh Silver Pagoda.