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Spring 2014


It has been a long cold winter. In some parts of the country it still feels and LOOKS like winter! However, as the night turns to day, winter does actually turn to spring! And believe it or's HERE!

Maybe you or someone you know is tossing around the idea of putting your current home on the market and aren't sure where to begin. It could be "time" to move up.....or time to scale down. It could be time for someone to move out of an apartment into their very own place. Whatever the real estate need happens to be, let me help you through the process.

If you are shopping for a new home, you will probably need to get a mortgage loan. If you do, the seller will most likely need a “pre-approval letter” from you before accepting an offer. They want to make sure they don’t take their house off the market for a buyer who cannot qualify for a loan.

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