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Mrs. Eaton's Class

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Week of March 21-24


This week we will continue to look at rapid changes (natural disasters) and slow changes (landforms) on our Earth. Students will be researching over earthquakes and landslides. They will also be creating a plan on how to protect a home from a landslide.


We will have our Unit 10 assessment on Thursday. Our assessment will be over input and output tables, creating equal expressions, finding the missing numbers in equations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), multiplying two digit times a one digit number, and understanding equality. The class will be reviewing on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will be bringing home the book review on Wednesday to study.

Social Studies

The class will be researching the history of inventions to see how they have changed over time and impacted communities. This week we will be reading about changes in transportation and communication. Important vocabulary includes canal, wagon trail, transcontinental, patent, and telegraph. At the end of the week we will be reading about immigrants and why people have come over to our country. During that time we will be talking about the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the gold rush.

Language Arts

Students will be reviewing what a subject and predicate is in a sentence. From there we will work on creating simple and compound sentences. Students will be writing these sentences as well as editing to correct writings.


Please return the field trip form and $9.00 by April 1.

There is no school on Friday! Enjoy the LONG weekend!