Franklin D. Roosevelt

President Roosevelt mobilized the country in many ways. There was a high demand of military weapons after war on Japan was declared and to do just that Roosevelt generated more jobs for people to create the weapons. He also passed Executive order 8802 which banned discrimination in the workplace which employed more jobs to prepare for the war. FDR also enforced a military draft the recruited men into the military.

Henry J. Kaiser

Henry Kaiser helped mobilize for the war by reducing ship building from 200 to 40 days. Kaiser boosted war production faster than the Germans did! Kaiser improved warplanes by creating them with aluminum and he improved warships by using steel. Kaiser carried thousands of troops and cargo on his ships and planes. Kaiser also built dams that generated electricity for the West Coast war industries. Henry J. Kaiser helped mobilize America for the war.

George C. Marshall

George Marshall was known as one of the most respected soldiers in America. To help mobilize America for the war, George increased the size of the army. George also influenced the tactics Americans used in the war. Marshal also increased the effectiveness of combat strength. Marshall helped the army prepare for war.
USA mobilization to WWII
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