Kindergarten Kreations


Reading On-Line


We are officially signed up for Raz-Kids. Raz-Kids is an on-line source of hundreds of eBooks. A video is below for more information. I will be sending home (in red folder) your child's log-in. If you would like to get started right away, you can access Raz-Kids through the following links.

You can use this source to read every night!

A.M. Kiddos- Login to Raz-Kids below



Armed Intruder/Lockdown Drill Monday

Just so you know, we will be having our annual Armed Intruder/Lockdown Drill tomorrow (Monday) in the morning. This drill requires us to hide in one area of the room away from the door and windows. It does not last very long and I talk to the kiddos before we have the drill. I approach it very general and simply as "stranger danger". I tell the kids that we just need to be safe and practice just like we practiced the fire and severe weather drill. Kids are usually okay with this, but if your little come homes talking about it, I just wanted you to know why.

Picture Day is Tuesday

Bring your smile!