By DJ Canterbury

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Cell theory

The cell theory is all living things made of cells. Cells carry out the functions needed to support life. Cells come only from other living cells.

Plant and Animal cell

  • Both Plant and Animal cells have a nucleus.
  • The Nucleus controls everything in the cell.
  • Cytoplasm is also in a Plant and Animal cell.
  • Ribosome is in the plant and animal cell.

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Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells

  • A prokaryotic cell does have a nucleus
  • A eukaryotic cell does not have a nucleus
  • In a prokaryotic cell heredity is contained with cytoplasm
  • Bacteria is a Prokaryotic cell
  • In a eukaryotic cell the heredity is contained with the nucleus
  • Animals are a Eukaryotic cell

Cell Organization

Cells: The cell is the simple unit of living things.

Tissue: The tissue is a group of cells working together to make a function.

Organ: The organ is a group of tissue working together to make a function.

Organ System: The organ system is a group of organs that work together to make a function.

Organism: The organism is a group of organ systems working together to make a function.

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Plant and Animal cells

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