By Sarah Waller

Platnuim History

Platinum is an element that was found in 1735 by Antonio de Ulloa in the United Kingdom. It came from the Spanish term, platina. Platina translates to "little silver". Although Antonio was credited for the discovery, Platinum was used in 1557 by Italian Humanist Julius Ceaser Scaliger.

Picture of Antonio de Ulloa.

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Platinum Facts

Element Symbol: Pt

Atomic Number: 78

Atomic Weight: 195.09 g-mol -1

Standard State At Room Temperature: 298* k

Boiling Point: 3800* C

Melting Point: 1772* C

Category: Transition Metal

Platinum Description

Considering Platinum translates into little silver, Platinum is obviously silver like. It is very shiny and metallic like. Platinum is incapable t o solve in hydrpchloric and nitric acid, but will dissolve in hot aqua regia, a nitro-hydrochloric acid that dissolves platinum and gold.

Platinum is often used for jewelry. Many royal crowns contain Platinum. It is very silvery white and beautiful after polish.