Preschool Teacher


Instruct children in activities designed to promote social, physical, and intellectual growth needed for preschool.
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Education Requirements and Salary

minimum education needed is a associates degree. Some states need at least an additional semester of in service study in a preschool classroom. The salary range is from $18,090-$48,660.
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Work Enviroment

Physical: work indoors mostly, work near children, and exposed to noise levels that are distracting.

Skills Needed

-keep accurate records

-to communicate with parents and administration

-clear understanding of curriculum standards for preschool classes

Opportunities for Advancement

Advancement is limited in this area. May work for head start programs also may advance to supervisory or administrative jobs.

Advantages of Occupation

=Solid paycheck

-Health insurance and retirement savings

-holidays off

-opportunity to make a difference

Personality Traits


-well-developed imagination




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