Preschool News


All About the Week

Happy Friday! We have had a fun week in preschool! We continued our study on community helpers. On Wednesday, we got to visit the fire stations for fire safety week! Then on Friday we had 3 community helpers come and talk to us about their jobs. We had a nurse, police officer, and a farmer! It was even more special because each of them had a student in our preschool program! Thank so much to Tyler Sutter, Bella's Dad, for taking time away from harvesting to talk to our preschoolers! They enjoyed it! At lunch time all I heard was Bella's dad gave us this food :) #fromthemouthsofpreschoolers

During letter time this week we started a new routine from the Alphafriends program many of you heard about at curriculum night. The Alphafriends program focused on one letter a week spreading out recognition, writing, and sound over 4 days. The knew program we are starting is called Enhanced Alphabet Knowledge ( I attached an article about it) this program focuses on one letter a day, combining sound, writing, and recognition into one lesson. This allows me to move through the alphabet at a much quicker pace! After we go through the alphabet one time, I will then be able to see what letters we need to focus on again and give students a more individualized plan. We did it this week and the kids loved the new lesson format and I am excited about the possibilities it will allow!!

In math we finished up our unit on shapes and learned about the number 4. I did a quick assessment of their shape knowledge, most of them were confident in circle,oval, and triangle. We are still getting rectangle and square confused. That would be some great conversation and learning for this weekend!


- Please send back fall homework as soon as possible!

-Since it was fire safety week we talked a lot about our plan at school for if there was a fire. Please talk to your child about your family's fire evacuation plan at home as well! They might have already asked you about it :)

- As the weather is a unpredictable please send layers for you children. It can get pretty chilly outside for 30 mins at recess!

- We will be going on several walks this week as we start our topic of study on trees, so please wear comfy shoes!

- If you are outside a lot this weekend and find cool stuff dealing with trees ( pine cones, walnuts, bark, etc..) pick it up and send it in on Tuesday for our science center!

- Also, we are in need of some play dough for our fine motor center. If you are out and about this weekend and would like to donate some to the class, we would greatly appreciate it! We also love homemade play dough as well!