Lewis Learning Log

Weekly Staff Newsletter Dec. 7-11, 2015

What's Up Next Week?

Dec. 7-11 Please review the assessment schedule!
Dec. 7-11
Santa Shoppe (sign up in office)

Dec. 7 Pizza with the Principals 11:30am

Dec. 7 Kidblog Meeting (3rd-5th teachers, Rice) 4pm Room 18

Dec. 7 PALS mtg. 6pm

Dec. 8 MPP Mtg. 3pm (Megan Sams, Angela)

Dec. 9 Staff Meeting-3:00-3:15 in Cafeteria, Work on UoI remainder

Dec. 9 3rd gr. Music Program @ PAC 6:30pm

Dec. 10 Team Meetings: Reading Improvement Plan updates and collaboration

Share Fair Feedback

I hope you found the PDP Share Fair a positive experience. I can tell you from my point of view, I saw lots of teachers really proud and enthusiastic about the things they had been trying in their classroom and the progress that they are seeing. I can't imagine working with teachers who don't value the opportunity to learn. It makes my heart ache to hear a teacher complain about having to learn something new. How can anyone be a model for students when they don't have the desire to learn themselves?

I think the Share Fair is a great opportunity for us to hear what others are doing. It also helps me to truly understand your PDP work and passion. Having a chance to view your products and your data charts makes it all come alive for me. It isn't just words on the page-it's real teachers, doing real learning, and affecting real change in their classrooms.

What feedback or suggestions do you have for next time? I am open to ideas-this was just my experiment. I know it could be better!

Mid-year PDP DUE December 11

Please login to your NEE account and fill out Part D as a mid-year report for your professional development plan. Follow the directions provided in the box. Your preparation for our Share Fair should help you type to explain your learning, classroom impact and results so far. There's also a box for Teacher Narrative Comments-that's like a place for you to add anything extra you think I need to know. Complete by December 11!

Mid-Continent Winter Reading Program

Mid-Continent is holding their winter reading program once again this year with grades 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to promote reading aloud and improve grade level literacy skills. They will be contacting us to set up classroom visits and explain the program which can earn each classroom five free books if students complete the program. The classroom visits will be in December and January and the program will be February-March 2016.

Vertical Discussions Coming Up!

Ever want a chance to have a vertical conversation with teachers in previous and upcoming grade levels, hoping to find that common ground and clear alignment of skills and expectations for all students? You are not alone! While there is much work to be done with your own team of grade level teachers, it's also important that our staff has clear knowledge of the continuum of learning for students.

3rd quarter, we will focus our conversations on reading. If you are a preschool teacher, a grade level teacher, a Title I reading teacher, or a Special Education teacher, or a librarian...you need to be involved in these vertical discussions!

So, let's start brainstorming! What are some topics of conversation that need to be addressed? What are the burning questions? Follow this link and enter your thoughts! We will compile these into agendas for some February Wednesday collaboration meetings.

Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/a/ga.essd40.com/document/d/12ORZf27Zm4BPt8uulOGrkdBeNvodINkIXZiGgK2I6ZU/edit?usp=docslist_api

What vertical alignment discussions do you think would help our staff meet the needs of students to be proficient readers?

Could you use any of these ideas?

Best Quote of the Week-

"It's a better limp than it was!" Mrs. Bright