Blackpool Tower

Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK

Blackpool Tower: Location

Well the Blackpool tower is is in the heading

Blackpool is in Lancashire , England, UK

Just on the edge of England and Wales

Blackpool is popular because they have good pubs

It's States flag is

Blackpool Tower : When was it invented

The Blackpool tower was built on 14 may 1894

Exactly the same year and days before the London bridge was opened,as the same day the tower was opened there was a metor seen in south of france just 9.5 miles away

Blackpool Tower : Why is it built

The idea for the tower came when Blackpool Mayor John Bickerstaffe commissioned the design of a new landmark for the town after he visited the Exposition universal of 1889 and was impressed by the Eiffel Tower. When he returned to Blackpool he set up a committee of businessmen in order to raise the funds to build a similar design in the town