Causes of the American Revolution

1763-1776 Mackenzie Ferguson

American Revolution

The American Revolution is when all of these events happen that lead up to the American Revolution. Some of the social causes of the American revolution were the Navigation Acts, Proclamation of 1763, Stamp Act and much more. The economic polices from the British are the proclamation of 1763 in that proclamation is says the settlement west to the Appalachian were to avoid wars with the natives. The colonists wanted freedom for England but, they weren't justified for declaring independence for England.

Navigation Acts

The purpose of the Navigation act were to begin mercantilism. The two rules that the colonists had to follow when trading were to only trade with English and colonial ships and the second rule they were allowed only to trade certain items. The sugar act was where the French west Indies had an importation of sugar, which forced America rum to buy more sugar. But, the colonists because they had to buy more sugar. The most significant thing about the Navigation acts were the result of the colonial manufacturing and increasing resentment for the mother country.

Townshend Acts

The items that the were because of the Townshend acts were tea, glass, paper and other items.the Daughters of liberty responded to the Townshend Acts by making their own clothes instead of buying the British clothes. The item the British continued to tax was tea because they wanted to show they still had power to tax after the Townshend Acts were repealed. The sons of liberty still showed violence towards the taxation of the colonies. They also attacked British officials.

Boston Massacre

The Events that on March 5, 1770 were the British sent troops to Boston when the colonists had to pay taxes. Then, the colonists threw snow balls at the soldiers. Finally, the soldiers shot the colonists. Samuel Adams responded to the Boston Massacre by sharing information of the incident to the committees of correspondence. John Adams chose to represent the soldiers in the in famous trail after the Boston Massacre.
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Tea Act and Boston Tea Party

The Tea Act was where the British East India company which was the company to allowed to sell tea. The colonists were unhappy because they were forced to pay import taxes to Britain. The Son of Liberty responded to the Tea Act by dressing up as Indians and Throwing crates of tea overboard.
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Coercive Act

The colonists called the coercive Acts the the Intolerable Acts. The four laws in the Intolerable Acts are no more trading between Boston and Britain. The second law is no more town meetings. The third one is strengthen the Quartering Act. Finally, give all control to Britain. The colonists responded to the Intolerable acts by stirring a revolutionary Acts through the colonies.
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