Equal Opportunities After All

A New Outlook

Women were automatically supposed to marry in their early 20's, start a family young, and devote their lives to being a mother and housewife, regardless of what they wanted to do. . As far as jobs, the 38% of American women who worked during the 1960's, were limited to teachers, nurses, and secretaries. Female wages were less than males. Women were sick of not having a say in their own lives, so they decided to stand up. In 1962 The Feminine Mystique, written by Betty Friedan, created an uproar. It stated how women were beginning to lose themselves trying to please everyone else. This book started to gain more attention to the idea that women should work outside of the homes if they wanted too. The goal of the Feminist Movement in the 1960's and 1970's was to protest workplace inequality. In 1964, Representative Howard Smith and Representative Martha Michigan got a law for workplace equality to begin. When that failed, a group of feminist, including Betty Friedan, launched the National Organization for Women in 1966. Younger feminist, such as Gloria Steinem and Germaine Greer, attracted media attention from their writings and their appealing images. As the Feminist Movement progressed, it became move divided. The younger feminists were examples that women could want their own rights without being humorless, ugly, man-hating shrews. As they were all fighting for the same right, they just did it in different ways. As the women did this, they also starting showing more skin. They wanted to prove that they could do what they wanted without the consent of any man.
I chose to do the Feminist Movement because even today women are not treated equally. There are also double standards that women still face today with their spouses. We should all be equal, and if this would not have been as big as it was, then women may not have the rights that we have today.

-Tallyn Grubbs