Daydreams of Walter Mitty


Using Daydreams as a texture shows he is emotionally fustrated.


First claim is that Walter Mitty lacks Self confidence. His daydream is him saving a life. People depended on him in his daydream thinking he is the only one that could save the person.


Second Claim is how Walter Mitty is a vitcim of abuse. His wife yells at him and tells him what to do, bossing him around. In his daydream, he was a commander taking charge of a plane flying through a hurricane.


Last claim is how Walter mitty has a low self esteem. Walter Mitty gets made fun of because he says puppy biscuit along the street. In his daydream, he is in a high level of sucess. He is a war bomber.


he is emotionally fustrated and drifts away in a daydream as a escape.