Teddy Roosevelt


Early life of Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt was born in 1858 October 27th and he grew up in N.Y.C. He had a good child hood and he was tutored at home by private teachers and he went to Harvard College. Before he became president he was in the navy and volunteered as commander in the first U.S. volunteer cavalry. He was also a Governer after that.

What makes Teddy Roosevelt a progressive?

There are many things that make Roosevelt a progressive. Roosevelt passed many acts, like The Pure Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection act. He supported low tariffs so tax was not that high. He also favored laissez faire, witch meant the government does not control the money and the people controlled it themselves. He approved regulations son that monopolies and trusts would have to break up into smaller companies because, monopolies were bad for consumers and business'. Roosevelt was also a muckraker, he exposed many problems and fixed them and made things better.

Roosvelts Major Accomplishments

Teddy Roosevelt had many accomplishments. He was in the navy and he volunteered as commander. He was a governer, he was a very young president and he was one of the most progressive presidents. He also passed many acts when he was president and made many things better.

Why did you want to research this person?

I wanted to research Teddy Roosevelt because, I thought he was a great progressive president and he did many good things like serve in the navy and made our country better.