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Steph S, Taylor T, Megan A

Beat Movement

San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City's Greenwich Village during the 1950's expressed the social and literary nonconformity of artists, poets, and writers. These types of people are known as beats or beatniks. They were best known for putting off work, found faith in Buddhism, music, and sometimes even drugs. They wrote poems without caring on how they would turn out which eventually led to free verse poems. This trend did not impress most Americans, and thought it defined the lazy part of Americans. Most college students followed this trend of watching TV all day, wearing the same clothes as everyone else, etc.


Americans also became avid readers during this time. Most people enjoyed books about cooking, religion, do-it-yourself projects, and homemaking. Comic books also became very popular and led to 3-D comic books. This idea bounced and 3-D movies were the next biggest craze that left the nation mesmerized.