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We regionalize our world in 3 different ways. One of them is continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America. We have also have different time zones. Time Zones help make up for the earth revolving around the sun. We humans use daylight as our time to be awake. As the earth rotates the sun hits different parts of the earth. We have time zones so that each section of our earth can use that daylight to its full advantage. If you are traveling our world oceans can easily get in your way. Oceans separate most of our continents.

Some Features

More information on Angel Falls

Angel falls is one place that you need to pre-arrange a tour guide early. You may need overnight essentials but not too much that you can't carry it all. A sleeping bag, mini pillow, clothes that can get dirty and offer some protection against the environment, bug spray and water. Bugs can be a major problem and the high humidity makes them increase in population and humidity will make some really bad hair days. You can also study all the plants and animals in the surrounding area.

More Information on Rocky Mountains.

The rocky mountains where supposedly created when a thick section of the pacific plate shoved its way under the american plate at a very shallow angle. This triggered a slow motion shock wave that moved inland. The land above was forced to send sheets of rock on top of each other pushing up the rocky mountains range. It is great sightseeing and a really good place to get some exercise. The terrain of the mountains makes it difficult for us to live there, so it is mostly a place to visit and explore. Some recommended things to pack are summer attire, sun screen, rock climbing material and, safety items.

More information on Sahara Desert.

The Sahara desert provides a view like no other in a helicopter. For those who love adventure be sure to leave a outline of your map with someone you trust because you could get lost. A light well insulated sleeping bag if you plan to stay overnight. navigational aides, high protein foods, and lots of water. Wear light colored clothes to reflect the suns rays to help keep you cool.


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These magnificent sites are located in varying time zones, please check with a travel guide.