Jewish Jokes

and some thoughts about the 2012 election

I'm Professor Len Shapiro

I love Jewish jokes. They're funny, and they carry a timeless message beyond the punchline.

I've been thinking a lot about the 2012 election, and some of the issues remind me of my favorite jokes. I recorded them for your enjoyment, and added my thoughts about the events of the day at the end.
Jewish Joke: Heaven


Abe and Sadie learn the true nature of the afterlife.
Jewish Joke: Herring


Why are Jews so smart? An old country story.
Jewish Joke: Chutzpah


A young man meets a bagel vendor and experiences a mystic connection.
Jewish Joke: Macher/The Boss

Macher/The Boss

A Jewish husband and wife discuss the role of husband in a Jewish household.

I hope these were good for a chuckle!

And I hope you register to vote. You can find out how at the Election Assistance Commission website.

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All the best, Len