John Paul Jones

how he assisted the us navy and in the American Revolution

Childhood and Family

John Paul was born on July 6,1747. His love for the sea blossomed as a little boy and he had a love for it since then. John's family knew that he would become a seaman. He had started to learn from the neighbors, so when he was old enough they sent him to be an apprentice for trade.


Paul learned from his neighbors on how to sail small boats. He also was the apprentice of James Younger. Younger taught him how to sail real ships, how to be a merchant seaman and how to be in the trade business.

Important Life Events

When John Paul was 21 he became captain of his own vessel. After a while on his own ship he was trialed for killing a man and sett off to America to get a fresh start and then he added jones to his name. Jones then became a freemasons which helped him come in contact with important people like Thomas Jefferson and even the president George Washington.


Jones was first lieutenant on the Alfred in the continental navy. congress later put him captain of the Ranger. France wanted him to be in command of a fleet so jones couldn't resist. this fleet consists of five naval vessels, two privateer's and gave him a new ship. he named it the Bonhomme Richard it was around nine hundred tons and was slow but jones didn't mind. Jones attacked a British war ship called the Seripis and he said his famous saying "have not yet begun to fight" and he won the battle.

Interesting Facts

jones named his French ship in honor of his friendship with Benjamin franklin named after his book the "Poor Richards Almanac ".he is well known for his famous saying "we have not yet begun to fight'. someone wrote a quote in admiration of jones "the future officers that live within these walls, will find in the career of the man whose life we this day celebrate, not merely a subject for admiration and respect; but an object lesson to be taken into their innermost hearts...every officer...should feel in each fiber of his being an eager desire to emulate the energy the professional capacity, the indomitable determination and countless scorn of death witch marked John Paul Jones about his fellows."

What jones did to help U.S.

John Paul Jones made an influence on the U.S. navy throughout the years . He was brave enough to go into British waters and take on the Seripis to help win the American revolution. jones was a great commander of his fleet and helped the United States make its navy stronger.