The Renaissance In Modern Society

What was The Change?

Renaissance is a "rebirth , a French word, which first occurred in Italy. Only within a few decades from 1300-1600, the history of the world changed drastically. The renaissance was a revival of classical ideas, values, and style. The Greeks and the Romans inspired this rebirth of culture, the ancient civilization that had once been so powerful and great. These changes were set on a basis of rediscovered values and beliefs that were most important to the society and their people. These values were humanism, individualism, skepticism, well roundness secularism, and classicism. During the Renaissance Period, there were three major areas of culture that went through many drastic changes through the new values: Literature, art, and science.

The Renaissance Begins

The Renaissance Men

How did the change impact society at the time ?

The renaissance changed printing to make it easier for people to write books and it let people learn about the human body. Da vinci was a famous painter who painted The Mona Lisa, and he also painted The last super. During the Renaissance people started learning about how the human body worked that was called humanism Da vinci came up with the vitruvian man.The printing press was a good thing because instead of taking 5 months to write one book you could make 500 books in the same amount of time.

How did the renaissance change modern day society ?

The Renaissance changed modern society because we now know about the human because Da Vinci was the one that wrote a book about the pregnancy. The renaissance gave us a lot of good painting like the Mona Lisa and The last super. The Renaissance gave us alot of art that is in a lot of museum and we now know about the human body because the vitruvuan man .