Teacher Data, Pre-Conference, Post-Conference


In what ways have you applied the skills you have learned in the previous sessions?
It's Not About The Nail
  • How does this video relate to teaching and mentoring?

One Minute Write

How does this video connect with feedback you have received in the past?


  • "How do you ensure students know what to do during centers? "
  • "What expectations can we generate and share with students to ensure they know what is expected of them during centers?"
  • "You need to be clear about center expectations before beginning centers."


Information flows from the mentor to the mentee as the mentor controls the interaction, offers suggestions and solutions.


The mentor and mentee construct solutions as the mentor guides the conversation.


Information flows from the mentee as the mentor acts as a facilitator and the mentee self-assesses and self-prescribes.


Inquiry into Teaching and Learning: Pre-Observation Conversation
What feedback does the mentee elicit?
How did the mentor guide the focus of the observation?

Pre-Conference Tips

  • You might use the Four Square and PPfT rubric as a tool for reflection.
  • Allow the teacher to select the focus of the observation / goals of the observation.
  • Discuss observable student behaviors which will occur during the lesson.


Assessment of Teaching and Learning: Post-Observation Conversation
What type of language do you notice the mentor using most often with the mentee?
In what ways did this language elicit growth and reflection?
How can the PPfT rubric be used to facilitate self-assessment?


Using the Four Square, what are your goals in working with your mentee in the coming days, weeks, and months?

Questions? Concerns?

What questions do you have?
What would you like more information about?