Tasneem Alghamdi

3 2 1 Introduction

3 Things to Know About Me

-I am from Saudi Arabia but i have been moving from one country to another since i was born, that is because my father work as diplomat.

-Learning languages and cultures is something very interesting to me.I do not mind spending the whole life on traveling and learning about new cultures.

-I love music with its all types. I sometimes listen to music that i do not totally understand like when it is in spanish or indian.But i think i feel the music more than actually listening.

2 Favorite Activities

- I like painting

- Morning jogs is my usual habit.

some of my paintings..


1 Dream Job

Being a Filmmaker

I have some views that i want to share with people in an enjoyable way as it is much more easier for many people to understand a concept or a prespective when it is filmed.