Ellis island

Dalan D.


Did you know millions of immigrants passed through Ellis island? Ellis island lets and rejects immigrants from entering America. There are many special events on Ellis island. The island has become many things like a fort and a powder machine.

Ellis Island's important times

My first subtopic is Ellis island's important times. Ellis island first started in the 1630's from a dutch man named Michael Paauw who at first called it oyster island because it had tons of shellfish. Next a Manhattan merchant owned the island in the 1770's his name was Samuel Ellis. From 1892 to 1924 the nations major immigration station passed an estimated 17 million immigrants to America. I just wrote about Ellis island's important times.

What Ellis island is and has been.

My second subtitle is what Ellis island is and has been. The federal government bought Ellis island from New York to use it as a fort and a powder machine. In 1943 Ellis island went back to being a detention station for aliens and deportees. The main building was tidied up and opened 10 years later the become the immigration museum. I have just written about what Ellis island is and has been.
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You should visit Ellis island's museum and maybe you could have a special event. You can adventure many of the other things on Ellis island to. If your an immigrant you to can be one of the 17 million immigrants to pass through Ellis island to get to America.