Day Care

By: Valerie & Jessica

Types Of Punishment That Are Prohibited

There must be no harsh, cruel or unusual treatment of any child. Researchers supports that physical punishments such as pinching, shaking, or hitting a child or others, show them that its okay to control situations like this.


Discipline must be individualized and consistent for a child, appropriate for a child's understanding and acceptable behavior and self control.

Methods Of Discipline And Caregiver

A caregiver only uses positive methods of discipline and guidance that encourage self esteem. Use encouragement of good behavior instead of paying attention to the bad behavior. Reminding children behaving expectations every day with positive statements.

Own Discipline On Own Children.

You can still discipline your own kids as long as you follow the rules and regulations and wont violate them or take advantage of them.


Parents should be notified immediately in case of major or reoccurring behavioral challenges. Teachers should provide a detailed account of any incidents and parents should be required to sign the documents, indicating that they have read and understand what happened. The director should be aware of any ongoing issues.