Essential Question 2

By: Kori Douglas

Gandhi's methods and actions

One of Gandhi's methods was in 1930 when he led a landmark 320km/200 mi march to the sea to collect salt in symbolic defiance of the government monopoly. Gandhi also did the civil disobedience campaign from 1919-1922. Gandhi also tried to stop the Hindu-Muslim conflict in 1947 after independence was gained. The last Gandhi method that I will say is in 1946 when he negotiated with the Cabinet Mission which recommended the new constitutional structure.

MLK vs. Gandhi

Gandhi and Martin Luther King jr.'s methods were very alike in many ways. One of the ways their methods were alike was boycotting. Gandhi boycotting the government and MLK boycotted buses. Another way their methods were alike was they both marched for something they believe in. MLK did the march to Selma and Gandhi did the salt march. Another additional way on how their methods were alike was their speeches. They both have very memorable speeches. MLK's most known speech is I Have a Dream and Gandhi's most memorable speech was The Kashmir Issue. Also, they both protested for what they believe in. Gandhi did the hunger strike and MLK went to Washington D.C. for jobs and civil rights were he delivered his I Have a Dream speech. The last reason why both of their protests were alike was that they represented a group of people. MLK represented all of the African Americans in the United States and Gandhi represented all the Indians.