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April 2023

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From the Desk of Mr. Thomas

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Happy April and I hope that those who celebrate Easter, had a Happy Easter with your family and friends. Most of all, I hope that all of our Champions and our championship families had an amazing spring break. The end of the school year is quickly approaching us and June 1st will be here before we all know it. April is an important month as our 3rd - 8th grade Champions are in the final few weeks before we begin our state testing, SCReady and SCPass. Our teachers and students have prepared for this all year as our students have learned the state standards for their perspective grade levels. I want to give a big shout out to our multicultural committee for the work and preparation they did to help us celebrate Women's' History Month as well as a big shout out to our FACE/Academic Nights committee for our Family Literacy Night. All our GCO School Committees have done an amazing job with their part and role in our school culture this year. We have some upcoming events the next few weeks and thank you in advance to those teachers and staff members who have worked hard to help make these events successful. This month our King/Queen Prince/Princess Contest will be held in conjunction with our Spring Carnival. This is an event planned by our spring carnival committee. We look forward to an amazing time and event. Many people have asked and I have responded on our GCO Facebook page in reference to our King/Queen Prince / Princess Contest. This is a fundraiser that will assist with the cost of putting on the spring carnival. This is a free event for the entire GCO community. We have solicited funds from our community business partners in addition to other businesses within the community to help us make this event outstanding. Any remaining funds will help with the cost of Teacher Appreciation Week. GCO has a very large staff, over 100 teachers and staff. This makes it extremely costly to purchase anything for the entire staff. For example, if I want to purchase sweatshirts for the entire staff and the shirts cost $25-35 a shirt, then this is a cost of $2,500 to $3,500 dollars. So, it is imperative that we do fundraisers of this magnitude to help offset some cost to do extra things at school and to clearly show appreciation to our teachers, staff and our community.

Please check out the events that we have scheduled for this month as well as continuing to watch and follow our other means of communication: school webpage (www.gcoschool.org), our Facebook page (Gray Court Owings School, Laurens District 55), our electronic marquee and Instagram. This month, just like the previous month, is filled with a lot of great activities and events for students, teachers and parents. Also keep in mind of the text and email communications and weekly Monday Minute phone calls that go out as well to keep you all informed of what's happening at The Court!! Thank you parents and guardians for being actively engaged in all that we do at GCO for our AMAZING Champion Tigers!!

Thank you for being a part of our GCO community and school family. I thank you all for sending the best and brightest of our community to come and learn and grow from us each and everyday. We are grateful for all that you do to help us each and everyday.

What's Going On?

  • April 11 Cheer Try Outs 3:15-5:00 PM
  • April 12 Champ Day - Wear GCO School Colors or gear
  • April 12 Cheer Try Outs 3:15 - 5:00 PM
  • April 13 Cheer Try Outs 3:15 - 4:30 PM
  • April 14 - 3rd Qtr. Awards Day: K-2nd Grade 9:00 - 9:40; 3rd - 5th grade 9:45 - 10:30; 6th - 8th grade 1:30 - 2:15
  • April 17-21 National Volunteer Recognition
  • April 18 6th Grade Field Trip - Joe Adair Center
  • April 18 K4 Field Trip - Greenville Downtown Airport
  • April 18 Parade of Nations
  • April 19 Champ Day - Wear GCO School Colors or gear
  • April 20 Choral Concerts TBA
  • April 22 Bike Ride w/ Mr. Thomas
  • April 24 Breakfast of Champions K-3rd Grade (details to come home / posted)
  • April 25 Breakfast of Champions 4th - 8th Grade (details to come home / posted)
  • April 26 Champ Day - Wear GCO School Colors or gear
  • April 26 Student of the Month Luncheon
  • April 27 Coronation of GCO King / Queen Prince / Princess 2023 @4:30
  • April 27 Spring Carnival 5pm to 7pm
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SC Governor's School - Summer Camp Opportunities

The South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities provides pre-professional training in the arts to students in creative writing, dance, drama, film, music, and visual arts for talented South Carolina students. In a unique school environment, students learn and grow collaboratively. Programs include summer camps and the residential high school and range in age from 7th to 12th grade. Learn more and apply online at www.scgsah.org/admissions.

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Happy Birthday to all our April Montessori students and tradition scholars for the month of April.

April Birthdays:

Apr. 1 Grace M

Apr. 1 Charles R

Apr. 1 Jeffri R

Apr. 1 Aliyah M

Apr. 1 Wynter W

Apr. 2 Timothy S

Apr. 3 Carrlisa N

Apr. 3 Katia A

Apr. 4 Logan J

Apr. 4 Julian O

Apr. 5 Brooklynn J

Apr. 6 Tristan M

Apr. 6 Brian R

Apr. 6 Rielyn R

Apr. 6 Christopher B

Apr. 7 Wyatt H

Apr. 7 Sabrina H

Apr. 7 Isabella T

Apr. 7 Trinity M

Apr. 7 Jafeth B

Apr. 8 Corbin H

Apr. 8 Annalise C

Apr. 9 Keidriquez A

Apr. 9 Maci C

Apr. 9 Preston R

Apr. 10 Ayden K

Apr. 10 Paloma M

Apr. 11 Corrin B

Apr. 12 Chloe D

Apr. 12 Josmar C

Apr. 12 Arrow M

Apr. 13 Benjamin L

Apr. 14 Isai F

Apr. 14 Elizabeth M

Apr. 15 Karter S

Apr. 15 Katelyn S

Apr. 16 Andrew T

Apr. 16 Solara D

Apr. 16 Henry B

Apr. 17 Trent R

Apr. 17 Evan S

Apr. 18 Adelyn B

Apr. 18 Jacob D

Apr. 19 Dannica D

Apr. 19 Luis G

Apr. 19 Gabriel P

Apr. 19 Matthew E

Apr. 20 Kaydence J

Apr. 20 Jahnia W

Apr. 20 Jadin M

Apr. 20 William W

Apr. 20 Khalil G

Apr. 21 Amaya W

Apr. 21 Ryder S

Apr. 21 Karson F

Apr. 22 Jacob A

Apr. 22 Bryson S

Apr. 22 Matthew M

Apr. 22 Emma J

Apr. 23 Ashlyn R

Apr. 24 Daisy G

Apr. 24 Karell V

Apr. 24 Abigail L

Apr. 25 Ryan B

Apr. 27 David G

Apr. 27 Jovany A

Apr. 27 Selene P

Apr. 28 Olivia T

Apr. 28 Danielle K

Apr. 29 Tyshanti Y

Apr. 29 Landon M

Apr. 30 Addison S

Thank you to our Community Business Partners

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Every Wednesday at GCO is "Champ" Day!! Teachers and Students are asked to wear school colors or school gear. Click the box below to access our online school store.

Parent Strategies

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