VCR Lesson 5 Presentation

Ethan Huang

Fill In the Blank:

In "The Golden Girls," Bea Arthur portrays Dorothy Zbornak, a woman who has a ___________ to act sardonic and sarcastic towards her roommate Rose Nylund due to Rose's ignorance.
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The Correct Word

proclivity (n.)

1. a natural inclination or tendency

Note that the connotation for the use of this word is usually negative, indicating a tendency towards something bad or malicious. However, it can be used neutrally or, rarely, positively.

Its Roots

clivus (L.) "slope"

pro (L.) "for," "before," "on behalf of"

When the word is put together in this way, it makes sense because you have an inclination for something or doing something.


  • inclination
  • tendency
  • predisposition
  • predilection
  • propensity
  • penchant


  • antipathy
  • dislike
  • hatred

Alternate Forms

  • proclivitous (adj.)

This is simply the adjective form of the noun, and you use it to describe someone with a strong proclivity or with many proclivities.

In the same show as before, the character Blanche Devereaux also displays many sexual proclivities, causing her to be impulsive, easily excited, and just plain jittery.

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Rose Nylund, another character in the show, shows a proclivity towards telling ignorant stories about her hometown even when no one will listen or care.

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Choose the letter in which the word is used incorrectly:

A. John has a proclivity of being too sarcastic towards the teacher, thus, leading the teacher the send him to the principal's office more than once.

B. When May's car ran out of gas, the proclivity of the hill caused it to slowly slide downward while she chased after it.

C. Dahlia's proclivity to stutter while publicly speaking led her to vow never to speak in front of a large crowd again despite her being a fantastic writer.

D. Zachary had a proclivitous nature of being too afraid of performing onstage, so the chorus teacher refused to let him have a solo.

The correct answer is B because the word "declivity" is the correct word in this sentence, which means a downward slope.