Carroll Dragon's Breath

November 2020

Health and Wellness Newsletter From the Carroll ISD K-6th Counselors

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Character Value for November - Gratitude

November 2020 Say It Week 1

Kids will grow up to have a better future when three things happen:

  • They make wise choices.
  • They build strong relationships.
  • They maximize their potential.

As parents, each age is a new opportunity to help develop these skills every month by having conversations about the Big Ideas learned at school. How does the Big Idea of gratitude, for example, relate to getting along with siblings? Or prepare kids for college or a career?

Conversations - both simple and meaningful have a significant impact on the development of your kids' current and future self.

As a family, discuss people who have helped your family, either directly or indirectly. Plan a way to express your gratitude over the next few weeks.

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Braver. Smarter. Stronger.

Braver than yesterday. Smarter today.

Stronger than challenges coming my way.