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Lakeview Family Newsletter - September 14

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Family Communication

We've had a great second week at Lakeview. It is a pleasure to visit classrooms to hear and see how our students are deeply engaged in their learning, even after just two weeks!

In an effort to create meaningful and consistent communication with families, you will find a link to each teacher newsletter contained within this newsletter. Our hope is that this newsletter can be a single source of information for you. As a parent, we understand how many communications you receive, and it can be easy to "tune out," especially if you have students in multiple school buildings. Please take time to scroll down and view the newsletter for your student(s) to find out not only what happened this past week, but also a preview of what is coming up next week.

Thank you!

Chris Sepersky

Lakeview PTO

Our Lakeview PTO is ready to launch their 2018-19 year! Our first meeting for this year will be Thursday, September 20 at 7 p.m. in the Lakeview Library. Topics that evening will include the upcoming book fair, Culvers' night, and Grandparent's day.

Starting in October, our PTO meetings will be on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7pm in the Lakeview Library. That means our October meeting date will be October 11th. We are looking to build our family engagement this year through consistent meetings and new opportunities. Please join us!

Grandparent's Day

Please mark your calendars - this year's Grandparent's Day will be on Friday, October 19th from 8:30-10:00 a.m.

In past years, Grandparent's Day was early in the school year, but it often was a very warm day. We are hoping that by moving the date a little later this year, we will have a cooler and more welcoming environment for our Grandparents.

Forward Scores

In next week's Tuesday Folder, current 4th and 5th grade students will receive their Forward Scores from this past Spring. A letter explaining the scores will accompany the report. If you would like any more information about interpreting the score report, please see this link.

Traffic at Drop-off and Pick-up

We worry about our kids all day at Lakeview, and drop-off/pick-up times are some of the times when we worry the most. Please help us by:

• Not parking in crosswalks

• Only letting students get out of your car on the curb side

• Arriving early and being patient

Information on the Upcoming Referendum

VOTE November 6!

Investing in our Future: Safe, Strong, Successful

The School District of South Milwaukee School Board has placed a referendum on the November 6 ballot to invest in three main goals:

1) Ensure students’ safety and address emotional needs

  • An annual budget item to specifically improve safety in all our schools.

  • Identifying and assisting students with emotional needs, providing them with direct services.

2) Maintain our existing programs and facilities

  • Ensure future students can benefit from the same outstanding programs and classes as our current students.

  • Protect the investment taxpayers have made in the district’s facilities through a yearly maintenance replacement budget.

3) Expand student learning opportunities and invest in the future

  • Personalized and innovative learning opportunities that allow students to receive additional support and flexible learning opportunities.

  • Additional staffing to increase virtual school options, add special education staff, provide academic support, expand 4K, reduce class sizes and more.

Election Day is November 6

The referendum question asks community members to increase the levy limit by $3.8 million over a period of six years. That’s an estimated tax impact of $9 to $12 per every $100,000 of assessed property value in each of the first five years. The final tax impact at the end of six years is a reduction of an estimated $140.18 per every $100,000 of assessed property value, due to other paid-off debt.

Find answers to frequently asked questions, including the estimated tax impact, at

Spirit Dress-up Days for Homecoming Week

Homecoming week is coming up in the School District of South Milwaukee, and we will be participating in some of the same Spirit Dress-up Days as the students at the high school. Here is the schedule for Homecoming week Spirit Days:

Monday, September 24 - No school (Staff professional development day)

Tuesday, September 25 - Sports day - Wear sports clothes or team jerseys

Wednesday, September 26 - Tropical day - Hawaiian themed (no swimsuits)

Thursday, September 27 - Lakeview day - Wear Lakeview shirts or colors (blue/yellow)

Friday, September 28 - Rocket day - Wear SM shirts or colors (red/black)