The English Bill of Rights

By: Maddie, Bella, Kiley,and Kensi

What is the English Bill of Rights?

The English Bill of Rights which was passed on December 16, 1689, guaranteed that parliament couldn't infringe upon certain rights such as trial by jury, reasonable bail, and the right of English citizens to bear arms.

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

The who is James Madison who wrote the English Bill of Rights. The what is that it limited the power of monarchs. Where is Philidelphia, Penn. state house. The when is December 16,1689. The why is people of the colonies believed they were entitled to more rights.

What Type of Effect Did The English Bill Of Rights Have?

The English Bill of Rights influenced the U.S. constitution. It created a seperation of powers and it also enhanced the democratic election and bolsters freedom of speech. The English Bill Of Rights guranteed certain rights to the citizens of England from the power of the crown.

The Grievances Of The English Bill Of Rights

King James the second subverted the protestant religion, protestants were unable to choose person to represent them, colonists wanted more say in government, taxes were levied, had a constitutional monarchy, King James II abused his power, rights of the individual weren't protected, individuals were unable to speak in parliament, men were not equal to one another, there were unfair imprisonments, cruel and unusual punishments, and king/ queen couldn't suspend laws.