Protect our Forests!

Deforestation needs to stop now!

Our Forests are disappearing!

Construction workers are cutting down our trees for space for buildings?! These are animals houses they are killing where are the animals supposed to go now?

What will happen if we do not stop deforestation?

Forests provide vital oxygen for us, If people keep cutting them down we could run out! Also these forests are habitats for many animals that could die off if we keep cutting these trees down.

If we stop Deforestation

Our air would be cleaner, places would look better, animals would have a place to live instead of our houses, garbage, garages, etc. Deforestation is slowly killing the Earth

Reducing our Ecological footprint

Ways to reduce our Ecological footprint

~ Using less paper, going electronic

~ Re-using paper

~Being proactive in campaigns against Deforestation to protect our future generations