Spring Teacher Librarian Meeting

Iowa AEAs

Supporting Yourself & Others: Well-being within a Digital Learning Environment

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Friday, May 1st, 8:30am

Zoom - Register using the link below.

What support can your library provide to families, educators and students? How do you meet their needs using distance learning? Join us as try to tackle this unusual learning environment with a day of collaboration and connection via Zoom!

Feel free to pop in and out for this event. We will have a variety of topics and individuals sharing around a common well-being theme! To kick off the morning we are asking participants to wear a favorite hat!


Supporting Yourself & Students: Well-being within a Digital Learning Environment

8:30am - Hat's Off to Teacher Librarians - Wear a Favorite Hat

9:00am - It's Our Time to Shine! - Shannon M. Miller

10:00am - Break

10:15am - Book talk with Katelyn Browne, SEL titles

11:15am - Break

11:20am - Follett Destiny Collections - Kris Steingreaber

12:00pm - Lunch

1:00pm - Connecting Content Collaboratively in a Digital Learning Environment - Cari Teske

2:00pm - Break

2:15pm - Hot Topics - Use the link to share an idea for discussion.

Our Guests

Hot Topics - Discussion Topics

Use this link to add topics of discussion for our 2:15pm session!


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