Editing my photos using photoshop

By Mia Dove 9T


I took this picture while I was on holiday and though the sky looked quite dull. so I decided on this picture to add a more interesting sky. I chose a new picture off the internet and layered the sky behind it to make it look more defined and more vivid.

I think this gives the photo more detail and I like it. If I had more time maybe I could add more boats and an effect to create a relaxing mood.


I chose this picture because it was cool and to make it more creative added it into space. Using the magnetic lasso tool I cut out the picture and layered the pictures together. Although it wasn't cut perfectly it is still quite interesting to look at. To finish it off I added the sepia Fadeout effect to make the colours look more interesting.

If I had more time I would re-cut my person and maybe add more people in with him.

Beyonce edit

For this photo I decided to edit a photo of Beyonce. I chose a picture off the internet which I liked and made it black and white. Then I edited out the black and white lips and replaced them with red ones. I think this makes the photo quite bold.

If I could do anything to improve I would maybe edit another photo in to make it more interesting for the viewer.