Why do we need sleep?

By: Hope Gallardo

Why do we need sleep?

Have you ever wonder why do we really need sleep or why it’s so important. Well i was wondering the same thing so i did some researching to find answers. In the research that i did, was that we need sleep to survive, just like we need food, water and oxygen to survive. Our sleep affects our lifestyle and health over age of time. For example it affects our lifestyle of sleep we get by work schedules and stress. One third of our lives were asleep. Im sure it don't feel like that but that what was founded in my research. There is different numbers of hours to sleep of the age you are. So how much hours of sleep do you need?

Newborns (0-3 months) 14-17 hours

Infant (4-11 months) 12-15 hours

Toddlers (1-2 years) 11-14 hours

Preschoolers (3-5 years) 10-13 hours

School age children (6-13 years) 9-11 hours

Teenagers (14-17 years) 8-10 hours

Younger adults (18-25 years) 7-9 hours

Adults (26-64 years) 7-9 hours

Older adults (65+ years) 7-8 years

In this video that Lauren Hale explains that the importance of sleep. And how much sleep we need each day.

Good ways to have more productive sleep?

Another thing in my research i’ve found way to have more productive sleep. A more productive sleep means like a better sleep. A good way to have better and more productive sleep is start napping every day. Napping can restore alertness. But, make sure your naps are no longer than 30 minutes. Another good way to make sure your head is clear for good sleep is a 20 minutes walk. Heres some other ways to get better sleep that i’ve found that have helped other people. The one I think is most important is sticking to a sleep schedule, even on the weekends. And another i think is important is to turn off all electronics off before you go to bed so you have no distractions. You should sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows. Stay away from sleep stealers like alcohol and caffeine. When we get the right amount on sleep and we start to lose focus, the brain can compensate for that and increase attention. Deprived sleeping can’t make our brain refocus. Deprived means not having enough amount of sleep. Deprived sleeping causes clumsiness, weight loss and weight gain. But, either way if we are deprived sleeping or not we lose focus sometimes.

what happens to the brain while you are sleep?

I've always wondered what our brain is doing while we're asleep. I always thought when were asleep our brain shut down cause were sleep but i was wrong. In the article i fount that the brain does not go offline when were a sleep. Its working as if were awake actually. The brain is extraordinarily active when we are sleeping. The brain activity while were asleep is actually helping the brain learn and remember. Their is several important ways sleeping is involved in the learning and memory process. For example it helps by recovering forgotten skills like complicated skills. In the article it says "in a study, after learning how to play a video game of that skill was last within 12 hours. "amazingly after a night sleep those lost abilities were restored." This happens cause the brain goes into a process called consolidation. There is two types of sleep one is slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement. Sleep also helps nervous system function. Did you know that women need a little more sleep than men? Well its true about 20 minutes more than man. That is true because women brain are wired different than men and more complex.

brain activity stages

these are stages of your brain activity from time your awake till stage four

look at the difference from awake to deep sleep.

this picture shows the brain activity from awake to deep sleep

Why do we dream?

i've always wondered why do we dream. Well i did some research and i fount that nobody really knows why we dream.Dreams occur when we are asleep. Researchers say dreaming is nonsensical activity that happens theirs really no meaning or purpose. Researchers also say we dream about four to six times when were asleep. But, the good thing is dreams are good for mental, emotional & physical health. Dreams also help our brain process the things that happened during the day and thoughts.
this picture shows waves when awake and stages of sleeping including dreaming.