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Purcell High School - November 20, 2020

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Message from the Principal

My best WISHES to all students and families for a Happy Thanksgiving week. I'm thankful for all of the students, staff, and parents who have helped make me feel so welcome my first year as a Dragon. I've been overwhelmed by your kindness, patience, and understanding during this chaotic year.

Please take a few moments to read through the newsletter. I've shared many of the celebrations and accomplishments of our students and staff. There is also a profile and tribute for Debbie Feroli, our outgoing (again!) Spanish teacher who has impacted so many students with her dedication and commitment. We will miss her!

There is also a link to our Distance Learning plan that was shared separately yesterday. I've also included important important for families who may need assistance with food during these difficult times. Please let us know if we can help in any way. Please do not hesitate to reach out if students need help during Distance Learning. We will miss our students and want to make sure they have all the support they need. Please be sure to contact us if students need any technical support including help with malfunctioning computers and/or internet support.

Thank you


Go Dragons!

Always feel free to call or email me if you have questions,

405-442-0099 ext 505

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Check out the pictures our Art Classes have made for our Basketball Players. Love this!

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PHS Distance Learning Plan

Click on link to access valuable resources and information for parents. teachers, and students for Distance Learning


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Teacher Tribute: Debbie Feroli

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Thank you Ms. Feroli!

We are all very thankful for Debbie Feroli who came out of retirement (again) to teach our Spanish classes. Although I'm new to PHS, it didn't take long for me to see her dedication and commitment to her classes and to the individual success of her students. I'm so grateful for Debbie for once again helping out PHS when we needed her the most. I asked a few of her colleagues to share some words about Ms. Feroli and her impact on PHS and it's students.

Debbie Feroli has been a staple here at PHS for many years. For the most part, Debbie has been the Spanish instructor here at PHS, as well as the Alternative Education Director for our night-school students. In both, she has been exemplary. Students for many generations have always talked about how much they have learned in Mrs. Feroli's Spanish courses, and many were the beneficiary of being able to receive college credit for their work here at the high school. Debbie always sets high standards for her students, and although they might belly-ache at the time about the work they have to do (a rare thing these days, right! ), they always say how much more prepared they were for college and how much they learned in her classes. She wants nothing less than the best that she can offer for these kids, and she is willing to give them what they need to be successful outside these walls.

As our night-school director, Debbie was very diligent about getting the kids to school and to see to it that they were also successful in receiving their high school diploma when day-school just wasn't working out. She cares deeply for all of her students, and is always firm but fair in dealing with all of them. No kid ever "slipped through the cracks" with Debbie, and she always saw to it that every kid in her program was pushed to try and do his/her best to complete a high school education. I had the pleasure of working for Debbie for several years in her program, and I saw first-hand how much involvement she had in keeping them in school and working to keep them on track to graduate. I appreciated the opportunity she gave me to be a part of that program, and I can honestly say I might not have done it were it not for the fact that she was running it.

As a colleague, and friend, I have always enjoyed my time working with Debbie. I tought next-door to her for years in the old high school, and I enjoyed her advice when I was struggling as a young teacher to figure stuff out. She was a huge part of my success as a teacher here in Purcell, and I owe her a lot. When I took over as senior class sponsor some 20 years ago (I know, right!! lol!), she was fully ready to just let me have it and wipe her hands of all of it. But instead, she decided to stay "for one year only" to help me do it, and almost 10 years later, she finally decided to give it up when she retired from teaching the first time! .

I literally could write all day about how much Debbie has impacted my career as a teacher here. No doubt, I owe her a lot. I was just lucky enough to get to know her early in my career, and I know that it was a huge reason why I am still here today. Were it not for her advice and direction, I know I wouldn't have been the teacher that I am today. I will truly miss her when she retires for good! lol. God bless you, Debbie Feroli. You were the right person to be in my life at exactly the right time!

---Michael O'Neal

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Debbie Feroli for the past thirteen years. She taught my daughter, so I knew she was an amazing teacher and loved by her students. As a co-worker, it didn’t take me long to realize her dedication to her students and to her craft. As a brand new secondary teacher, I learned a lot from watching her interactions with students in the hallway, her sense of humor, and her playful nature. However, working down the hall from someone doesn’t give you quite the perspective that working side by side does. When I became part of the Alt Ed team, I really came to know Debbie and the heart she has for her students. She genuinely cares for her students and their well being. The Alt-Ed students knew that she expected certain things from them, and she definitely let them know when they were slacking. However, the love she had for each student and their future was never in question. Year after year, she molded young students (who desperately needed her) into responsible people who worked hard to reach their goals. Past students would come visit and couldn’t wait to see Mrs. Feroli. Her love for her students was evident and communicated by her...always. Transitioning back to the classroom full-time was like riding a bike for Debbie. She picked right up where she left off, teaching Spanish, giving students the gift of learning a second language. Debbie Feroli is the heart of Purcell High School! Thank you, Debbie, for all you are and all you do for the students of PHS. We love you!!

---Candy McCurdy

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Last week we conducted a successful Lockdown drill and tested our RAVE alert system. This was very successful and we were able to identify areas of improvement. We appreciate the support and help of the Purcell Police Department and our partnership with all community emergency agencies.

We will hold our next Safety Meeting December 9th @ 3:30 PM in the High School Library. If you are interested in serving as a parent representative on this committee, please contact me @ 442-0099.


Food Resources Available for Students and Families

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma provides a food pantry for our students at Purcell High School. We offer snacks, pantry items and frozen items for them to choose from for school and to take home. The Purcell High School pantry is very well stocked and open for use each day. Please encourage your student(s) to make use of this amazing opportunity. If your family needs additional food assistance, please visit the The Food Bank website at and click on "Get Help" to learn about more resources.


Parents and students,

Library checkout will still be available during virtual days. Please email Mrs. Trumbo at, and she will organize to meet the student outside with the book they would like to checkout. Students can search our library catalog at this link

We would also like to feature in the yearbook what virtual learning looks like for students, and honor our students who are also essential employees. Please email with a picture, and name of student.


Counselor's Corner


Freshmen AND Sophomores: Please remember that OKPromise applications are available for those who may qualify for this awesome program that ensures students who meet certain income requirements are able to go to a state college tuition free. To apply, go to

Click on the link below for important information regarding scholarships!


I'm sharing some resources Jaclyn Miller, our Program Coordinator from Healthcorp, has shared with staff. These are healthy tips for students, staff, and families to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Jaclyn has helped support our school build healthy habits. It has never been more important than now to help our staff and students take care of themselves!
START! Walking at Home American Heart Association 3 Mile Walk
5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere

Parent Portal Information - Infinite Campus

Parents can now access student information on Infinite Campus (our new student information system) The link to parent portal is below.

IMPORTANT: you will need an activation key to access the parent portal. You must email Kim Cummings @ in order to get the activation key


upcoming events

  • November 23rd-27th - Thanksgiving Break - No School
  • November 30th-Dec. 18th - All students on distance learning
  • December 21st-January 1st - Winter Break - No School
  • January 4th - Professional Development Day - No School
  • January 18th - Martin Luther King Junior Day - No School
  • February 15th - Professional Development Day - No School
  • March 9th - Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-7:30 pm
  • March 11th - Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-7:30 pm
  • March 12th-19th - Spring Break - No School
  • April 2nd - Snow Day
  • May 13th - Last Day of School