Room 210 Update

Mr. Breit and his 4th Grade Leaders

The Fall is Here and We are Full Steam Ahead

We have really started getting into the swing of things in Room 210. The kids are adjusting nicely to the new rigors and freedoms of fourth grade and are figuring out, just how to be successful this year. We have taken our first minor assessments in both reading and math. Look for those to come home next week. We have started using Edmodo to dive deeper into our thinking about reading and our understanding of what we read. In addition, we are developing good habits for responsible communication with classmates in an online format. This is a very important college and career readiness skill that often is forgotten, or ignored at the elementary level. We are striving to be pioneers in this area. In other news, the Orange Ruler Fundraiser is back and in full swing. This has been a very successful fundraiser the past few years and has allowed the PTO to do some really great things for Lincoln. This year, the auditorium is getting a face lift, with additional seating, and a new screen, which will improve the student experience during presentations, assemblies, and indoor recess entertainment. Last year, I asked that everyone donate on the same day, to ensure the Orange Ruler mascot for one day. I realize that it is hard to compete with the exuberance and drive of the first year kindergartners, but if we all donate on the same day, we can be recognized for our efforts. If you plan to donate, please do so this Monday, September 28. I will send out an email on Monday as a reminder. Last year it was a huge success and gave the kids at least one day to be in the spotlight. Below you will find more updates about what the kids have been up to the past two weeks. This of course, is from their perspective and written completely by them. Enjoy their work!

Rob Breit

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know

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We are all doing inquiry projects. We all think of a big question and then we ask more questions to find the answer. We put all of our research and questions on our KWHLAQ Chart. An inquiry question is a thick question that you have to take time to get an answer to. A Google question is when you can get the answer quickly by typing the question into Google. We need to ask at least seven to ten questions that relates to our topic and find the answers. Someday we are eventually going to create our very own website.

Here are some Inquiry Project Resources to check out.

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A hard working group of fourth graders, becoming stronger students, friends, and leaders one day at a time.