Carson's Bucket List

April 2014

The best jumps of 2013 (1st half) - Hawaii Skydiving
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#1 Sky diving

I want to go skydiving in Hawaii because it look like fun! Physical weathering formed amazing shores that I would see as I'm falling through the air. Erosion by water and waves move the sand around and is constantly changing the coast. I would go with stone because he is a cool guy.

#2 Surfing

I want to go surfing because it looks so fun to do. The weathering occurred is physical. The forces that are there are water.
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#2 scuba diving

I have always wanted to this I have been snorkeling but not scuba diving. Physical weathering would be formed amazing fish as I'm swimming. Erosion there would be running water.
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#3 zip lining over a big mountain

I want to go zip lining because it is fun. Physical weathering would be amazing views on the mountain. Erosion would be wind blowing me.
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#4 Human Slingshot

I would want to go to a human slingshot because it looks really fun. The type of erosion that would occur would be gravity pulling you down into the water as you are in mid air.
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#5 bungee jump

I want to go bungee jumping because I have never gone. The weathering there would be physical. The erosion there would be wind
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