Animal Farm

by: Will Bailey

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He is an Evil pig and mastermind of the farm, because he tricked all the animals. He slowly was making it to where the pigs were like dictators. He was changing the 7 commandments to where the other animals would not get in the way of their(his) plans. And when he started to do exicutions then he knew there would never be a rebellion to his rule.


"Comrades, this was Snowball's doing!"  He tried and sucessfully turned the animals on animal farm against Snowball. he then blamed everything that was just misfortune on Snowball.

Power Corrupts

When Napoleon takes control of the farm it starts to corrupt him. He becomes obssesed with making it easier for himself and the pigs. He starts to lie to the animals and tells them the rations have incresed, when really it has decrease for them and increased for the pigs. First he takes credit for snowball's idea after he runs him out.
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Battle of The Cowshed

This was the first of many attacks from Mr. Jones to retake the farm. It was organized by Snowball who was in charge of the Defence of Animal Farm. The humans came with giant sticks, except Mr.Jones who had brought his gun. During the battle a sheep was killed and Snowball was injured. Boxer had almost killed a farmboy when he kicked up his front legs.
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Animal Farm Flag

It sybolizes that they are an independent farm without humans. It also was a symbol of the "freedom" of their farm. It also was a symbol of insiration to protect their "freedom". It was also a way that they could say that they were united; at least that's what they thought.