Mariner missions

NASA missions

Mariner 4

Mariner 4 mission went to Mars, the closest approached on July 15 1965 providing information on Mars.It lived in space for about three years to take photos of Mars.It found out that liquid was once there.It was launched on November 28, 1964.It was equped with four solar panels, a TV camera, cosmic-ray telescope and an imaging system

Mariner 2

Mariner 2 was launched successfully on August 27, 1962, to Venus and it measured solar winds.The spacecraft remains in orbit around the sun, it was tracked until January 3 1963. The technology that was on it was solar plasma spectrometer, energetic particle detectors, microwave radiometer and a cosmic dust detector

Mariner 5

Mariner 5 went to Venus and found out its composition and information on Venus atmosphere.It was launched on the 14 June 1967.The technolergy that was used was magneto, solar plasma probe,trapped-radiation detector and a ultraviolet photometer.