The Rammie

November Edition

A Message From Us

The first nine weeks have passed, and we are officially in the second half of the semester. If you feel you are falling behind, there is still plenty of time to pull up your grades! The first point of contact regarding grades or attendance is your teacher. We have been getting numerous counselor referrals regarding grades and attendance; though we do our best to assist, your teacher has the latest information about your current standing in your class.

Let Us Welcome Alexis Barbour!

  • Our newest counselor, Alexis Barbour, started October 25. We are so excited for her to join the team as we are now officially whole again. Ms. Barbour will be serving last names Go-N.
  • Ms. Barbour is from Four Oaks, NC. She attended an early college, here her college career started at the age of 13. She received her BS in Criminal Justice & Psychology at ECU. She is pursuing a MS in Counselor Education. Her passion is to ensure that students have the resources they need to succeed in school and life.

Mental Health Check-In

Last month we focused on our feelings, now let us take a moment to see what has been weighing on ourselves. In other words, what has been worrying you? There is no denying that many of us feel drained. The amount of your responsibilities may be piling up; increased homework, sports/clubs/work responsibilities may all be weighing you down. If you do not know what’s worrying you, maybe take a moment to write a few things down. Once you identify the stressors, track them to see what situations stress you out the most. Then try to develop other ways to cope with those situations to help reduce the amount of stress they currently cause you. Try to remember that stress is not always a bad thing, instead it helps us identify which things may hold higher importance and motivate us. In addition, by correctly managing our stress, it should reduce the amount it physically and emotionally weighs us down.
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HHS S2S Veterans Day

Month of the Military Family

"In the US, November is designated as The Month of the Military Family. During this month we take time to reflect on the experiences, contributions, and sacrifices of military-connected families. When we consider the challenges of deployments, PCSing, starting new schools, finding housing, and numerous other difficulties it becomes clear that military families sacrifice for our Nation as well. Military students and families impact our day to day experiences at HHS. They are some our top scholars, our star athletes, most appreciated friends, strongest and wisest Rams. During this November, we wish for all of our Military families to know that we appreciate you and are grateful you are a part of the Ram Fam."
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November 12 (Spread Kindness Day) & November 13 (World Kindness Day)

" All CCS buildings will be closed on November 12, 2021.

There is one catch.
There’s homework for staff and students. Saturday, November 13th is World Kindness Day. While taking a day away from school and on-site work, all students and staff are requested to do 2 things:
1. They do something for themselves. Take a walk. Sleep in. Exercise. Do something to rest and rejuvenate. Be kind to yourself.
2. Be kind to someone else. I would like to declare, Friday, November 12th as “Craven Cares” Day and have all students and staff complete 1 act of kindness for someone else.

Learning can take place beyond the walls of the classroom and have a lasting impact on students. Based on this, and in support of the district's core values of valuing people and societal responsibility, Dr. Miller recommended to the board a calendar change to support these values by providing a day to reflect and refocus on self and then on others. Dr. Miller requests those willing to share random acts of kindness to #cravencares and Craven County Schools will share how “Craven Cares” on social media. Ms. Wagner will be sending information to staff and students on how to share acts of kindness.

This is not a loss of an instructional day. It is instruction in another way. Dr. Miller believes this time away will make the hours more meaningful when staff and students return on Monday, November 15th well-rested and refocused on teaching and learning. There are also enough hours in the school calendar so this day does not need to be made up or moved to another day during the school year.

Dr. Miller shares, "I hope changing November 12th to a non-instructional day for students and a remote workday for all staff members of Craven County Schools demonstrates how I, along with the board, value our staff, students, and families. I also hope this notification provides ample time for families to plan for their child(ren) to have a much-needed break."

This update to the school calendar has been communicated to all staff and parents, as well as updated on the school calendars on the district website (

We look forward to spreading kindness on November 12th and sharing how much #CravenCares!

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November Calendar

11/2: Cap & Gowns ordering during lunch

11/8: Governor's School Applications due

11/11: Veteran's Day (No School)

11/12: Act of Kindness Day (Remote)

11/13: World Kindness Day

11/17: Early Grad Field Trip

11/18: Cap & Gowns ordering during Lunch

11/24-28: Thanksgiving Break