Ba-da Bing!

Tips for writing

Ba-da Bing!

Ba-da Bing is a great writing tool that can put more action into your story. It's easy to do once you know the steps and it will impress the reader with the extra details. The key components are:

Ba - What I did (the action)

da - What I saw or smelled (sensory detail)

Bing - What I thought or said


Plot Diagram

Exposition ---> Rising Action ---> Climax

Exposition is the the first part of the story. In this part of the story, the characters, setting and conflict are introduced. This is a good place to put your "hook" to get the reader interested.

Rising Action is the next part of the story, it is also the main part of the story. Rising action includes the first part of the problem or conflict and helps move the plot along. This is when the problem happens and when you should get your reader excited.

Climax it the most exciting part of the story. This is the turning point in the story and when the main character comes face to face with his problem.

Falling Action ---> Resolution

Falling action is what happens right after the climax. The conflicts start to be resolved. This leads to the resolution.

Resolution is the end of the story. This where everything is resolved, the conflict is over. Everyone lives happily ever after or not.

Karrington, Clayton, Matthew - Period 9