Cause and Effect

Relationships from the Book: Baseball in April

Broken Chain

In this story, there is 2 cause and effect relationships.

1. The cause is that, Alfonso has crooked teeth. The effect, is that he hates himself for it, and tries to make himself look better, so he tried to push his teeth inward, by pushing them into his gum.

2. He has always had a crush on a girl, and one day he gets the chance to go out with her. The cause, is that he cant find his bike, and the effect is that he asks his brother, and he eventually gives it up. So, they have a good time, and they share a bike.

Baseball in April

In Baseball in April, it talks about how 2 boys, have tried out every year for baseball, and always been rejected. Then, they finally get into the team! They both make it, and their first game SUCKED. They got beat really bad, and over a matter of time, all the team members fell apart until there was only 4 members left.

Because Jesse can't play base ball as well as other players, the effect was that everyone, eventually quit the team, and their team all fell apart till no members were left.

Two dreamers

In 2 dreamers, it talks about and grandfather and his grandson want to buy a house, but they didn't have the money, and are scared the get a loan or admit it to the Grandma. I got kinda confused in this story, because there is many Spanish phrases and words.

Because they didn't have enough money for the house, and wanted it so bad, the effect was that they tried all they could, but had to give up.


In the story Barbie, it talks about a girl who loves Barbies. Alot. Like, ALOT. Like, so much she would kill someone for Barbies. In the sentence(s) below, I will tell you the cause and effect of the story, Barbie.

Because her step-aunt got her fake Barbie, the effect was absolutely mental and she YEARNED for an actual barbie, and threw it against the wall. Crazy right?

The no-guitar blues

In the no-guitar blues, it takes about a guy who likes watching the blues, and instantly knew, he needed to be like them. He tried to buy a guitar, but didn't have enough money.

Because he lied to the couple of finding the dog on the freeway, instead of just, outside on the street, the effect was that he felt bad, and put it in a charity jar at church.

Seventh Grade

In the story Seventh Grade, it talks about a boy, who likes a girl named Teresa. He doesn't know how to impress her, and isn't handsome like he wishes he was.

Because he isn't good looking, he doesn't know how else to impress her. So, (This is the crazy part people) he pretends to know French in class, and everyone is instantly impressed, and she asks him if she could teach him. I mean, who does that right?

Mother and Daughter

In the story Mother and Daughter, it talks about a mother and Daughter who don't get along AT ALL. So, they try and make up.

Because the lil' girl is scared of scary movies, the effect is that she asked her mum to wake her up when its over.

The Karate Kid

In the story Karate Kid, it talks about 2 kids, who stand up to a bully, and show him whos boss.

Because Gilbert asked the bully to fight, and wasn't scared, the effect is that he showed that he was courgaeous.

La Bamba

The story La Bamba confused me very much, and I barely know what happened...

Because he forgot his math book, the effect wad that he did his homework during drills.

The Marble Champ

In the Marble Champ, it talks about a girl that is presumeably bad at sports, until she finds, Marbles. She becomes the Marble Queen.

Because she SUCKS at sports she tries marbles.

Growing Up

In the story growing up, I got confused.

I hope you liked it! (Dont lie, you must of. :3)