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There are many advantages to having your cat toilet trained with the most obvious being the monetary saving of not having to purchase cat litter ever again. When cat litter is used sometimes the odor alone can be very unattractive however this can all be replaced by teaching your cat a few a few techniques which can be very rewarding in the end. The task itself is not difficult requiring focus and patience especially during the starting stages of the routine.

Many of you are probably wondering how long the actual process will take and the answer really would depend on the time you dedicate and the effort. For example, toilet training your cat involves gradually moving your cat's litter box closer and closer to the toilet familiarizing your cat with the bathroom. You can then slowly start to move the litter box within the toilet allowing your cat to feel much more comfortable using the box within a toilet setting. If you're looking for a step-by-step program to help you get started then use the one within this article which has a high success rate:

Start by gradually moving your cat's litter box closer to the toilet. This step should end when the litter box is right next to the toilet and remember to make sure that your cat is comfortable all times or you will not be able to accomplish this completely