The Northern Hawk Owl

By Jefferson Hauser

Chapter 5 summary

Chapter 5 in The Book Of North American Owls tells about the habitat loss and death of owls. The death rate is extremely high. The death rate is about 50%. Which means half the owls that are born will die. The goshawk is the African eagle owls natural predator. One way the owl dies is by eating rodents and other animals that ingested DDT. Another way they die is because of habitat loss. Owls have excellent camouflage so that they can hide from predators. Farmers like owls because the owls eat the rodents that kill their crops. Many owls die in different ways.
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: to blend in with an environment

DDT: a harmful chemical that weakens the egg shells of birds if ingested

Crops: plant or plants usually used by farmers earn money

: a small mammal

: a location were an animal lives

Death Rate: the amount of living things that die over a period of time