Mexican-American War

By: Nikhil Padmanabhan

Manifest Destiny

The territories acquired over the duration of the Mexican-American War era were modern day California and Texas. Some economic benefits of the US citizen and foriegn migrants were for one, the gold rush. The Gold Rush was from 1848-1855 and it was a time when large deposits of gold were found all around the river deltas covering throughout California. Also, many Mexican immigrants coming into the US were granted with many job opportunities that weren't given back in Mexico, which helped to stimulate the economic stimulus of the country. Another economic benefit was the acts of Stephen Austin. Stephen Austin brought many families from Mexico to the US and made them colonize there. The railroad system at this time also helped with manifest destiny. It helped provide transportation for American citizens and also foreign citizens from coast to coast.


The presidency during this time was administered by James K. Polk and Polk wished to acquire California. But of course Mexico refused to give up this territory so naturally war broke out between the two nations. The US had a number of advantages during the duration of the war though. One was that the US had complete support from its citizens, such as the famous civil activist Henry David Thoreau. Another advantage America had was the victory at the Battle of San Jacinto. This was also one of America's greatest key victories. The outcome of the battle helped make the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which confirmed the annexation of Texas and that California would be ceded. The compromise of 1850 also proved a key victory in favor of the US.
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Native Peoples

The most common native populations at this time were the Native Americans that occupied various lands all throughout the US. But they weren't treated equally at all. The American colonists took over their lands because of their belief of manifest destiny and forced them into reservations. And while in these reservations the Native Americans had no rights as citizens for they did not have freedom of religion, speech, and also lacked the right to vote.