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December 16, 2022

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From the Head of School...

Hello Summit Community,

I hope you are having a wonderful week. Final numbers for our Fall Fundraiser are below. Thank you to all who continue to support Summit School.

Our two tuition drawing winners were Mary Oakley at $1,000 and John Lang at $2,000.

Preschool---20.83% participation

Kindergarten---23.81% participation

First---35.29% participation

Second---66.67% participation PIZZA PARTY WINNERS

Third---20.69% participation

Fourth---30% participation

Fifth---38.46% participation

Sixth---41.18% participation

Seventh---40% participation

Eighth---37.04% participation

School Total---$50,373.73

Thank you for all you do.


Dr. Stephanie Nardi

Head of School

Eighth Grade XSTEM Trip

Last week our 8th grade students attended XSTEM. XStem is a science conference for middle and high school students that features inspiring presentations and hands-on workshops from an exclusive and diverse group of STEM role models. It is designed to empower and inspire kids toward careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Our students attended workshops on artificial intelligence and drone simulators and robotics, and self-driving cars. We listened to 3 keynote speakers. Lt. Col. Cassandra McCloud is a Civil Engineer from Goldwater Air National Guard Base, and she talked about her interdisciplinary career and her journey toward civil engineering. Liat Shochat has a biomedical engineering degree and works for West Pharmaceutical, and she talked about the wearable medicine delivery system her team developed. Roy Moye III is an aerospace engineer and a grammy nominated musician. He shared inspiring stories about his journey toward two career paths. The kids really enjoyed his musical performances and high energy!

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School Cents Special!


Earn 1,000 Points When You Donate To St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! Text the word HEART to 707070 by Dec. 24 to donate online. 100% of donations will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Upload your donation receipt by January 15 to earn 1,000 School Cents points with a minimum $10 donation. Limit one bonus per person.

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Loteria Night was Great!

Summit School Loteria Night was a huge success! Our community participated in Loteria, crafts, pinatas, and enjoyed El Taco Santo and Paletas Betty. Mariachi was performed by Summit students and alumni. Special thanks to Mrs. Lay and Mrs. Collins for all of their hard work. Thank you to all who joined us.

First Grade Business Expo

The first grade business expo took place on Friday, December 9th! This was a culminating event after weeks of preparation and learning about economics. Students chose a business to run, created a business team, decided whether they would sell a good or or provide a service, then they bought items to produce their product, made business cards, made advertisements, and created a store front. Finally, they opened for business! The classrooms were alive with students selling products to their fellow first grade friends and parents. Students were engaged with their customers, were energetic business owners and learned so much in the process!

A Poem from Mr. Shand's Enrichment Wednesday Class...

Meet me at the Summit

A unique place - guaranteed to put a smile on your face

Been in my heart for such a long part

This school builds you up

Helps you to climb higher

The teachers teach and we learn as they inspire

Day by day, we see our growth

Connecting socially with friends who care

We prepare ourselves for life

Our teachers care and are very nice (even when we don't know what to do)

So meet me at the Summit - watch your heart melt through & through

Wednesday Enrichment Offerings for January 11

Students in grades 1-8 will be assigned to one of the following offerings this week.

  1. Chess grades 1-8
  2. Marble Runs grades
  3. Critical Thinking Games grades 3-5
  4. STEM Projects grades 1-3
  5. Spanish Arts & Crafts grades 2-5
  6. American Sign Language grades 4-5
  7. Valley Youth Theater grades 1-2
  8. Coding grades 6-8
  9. Spanish Support/Review grades 6-8
  10. Culinary grades 1-2
  11. Music Enrichment grades 4-8
  12. Math Activities grades 1-2
  13. Art Madness grades 1-3
  14. Preschool Buddies grades 5-8
  15. Yearbook grades 6-8
  16. Lego Challenge grades 1-3
  17. Poetry grades 5-8
  18. Origami grades 3-6
  19. Reading Support grades 6-8
  20. Math Enrichment grades 6-8
  21. Reading Enrichment grades 6-8
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Earn a Referral Credit for Tuition!

Yes, we are still offering a $1,000.00 referral tuition credit for each new student (non-sibling of current student) who is referred to Summit for the 2022-23 school year. The credit will be applied to your FACTS account after 2 months. We greatly appreciate your referrals!

Donate your AZ Tax Credit to Summit School!

We can all make a difference in the lives of our Summit community! When paying your state taxes, you have the opportunity to direct your state taxes to assist a Summit student with financial need. Donate your Arizona state tax credit to the Institute for Better Education, IBE on behalf of Summit School. All Summit School tax credits are used for student tuition assistance. Please visit to make your tax credit contribution online and then claim it on your 2022 tax return. Thank you for assisting our Summit students!

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NEW Gear at Our New Store


Head's up! Your NEW 24/7 SUMMIT SCHOOL Sideline Store is officially up and running. To celebrate, we're offering fans an epic, month-long promotion— 15% OFF sitewide when you use code SPIRIT15. Stop reading and start shopping to score the latest fan wear and accessories. Then get out there and cheer on your team.

Check us out on social to learn more. Go SUMMIT SCHOOL!
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Summit School Community Partnerships

Do you own or have a connection to a local business? Please share.

Dear Community Member,

Summit School is pleased to announce that we are starting a community partner program with businesses in our local community. We know that connections in the community are invaluable to the success of our school and our local businesses.

We would like to invite you to become a Summit Community Partner. This partnership requires no donations or financial support. Instead, we ask for mutual participation. Here is how it works.

  • You agree to be a Summit Community Partner by posting our Summit School Community Partner flyer, poster, or our Summit School brochures in your business.

  • We add your logo to our Summit Community Partners website page and our weekly school digital newsletter.

  • We will reach out to you when we have campus events that you may be interested in for the purpose of sponsorship, table displays, or other connections.

  • We offer you the opportunity to add items or information to our new family welcome bags.

To get started, please complete this form or reach out to Kyle Allen, Director of Admissions and Marketing at In addition, please send your business logo as a .png or .jpg file to the email address above.

Want to know more about Summit School? We would be happy to give you a tour of our campus. If you would like a tour or have any questions, please email Kyle Allen or call 480-403-9506. Thank you for your consideration.

In Partnership,

Dr. Stephanie Nardi

Head of School

School Cents is Back! This year funds will support our IDEA Lab.

Summit School is a part of the School Cents Program!

We are grateful to be one of the twenty schools selected to participate in the School Cents program at the Chandler Fashion Center again this school year. You can help our school win a prize up to $3,000. It’s Easy! Between July 1st and January 15th, shop, dine or watch a movie at Chandler Mall, then upload your receipts to or take your receipts to Chandler Fashion Center School Cent drop boxes outside Barnes and Noble. Summit School also has a blue School Cents Receipt drop-box in the staff lounge. Each month, we will send home a new School Cents Flyer with more details about School Cents, including new bonus point offers available each month.

This year, funds from your shopping will directly benefit the current needs of the IDEA Lab!

Please tell your friends and family – anyone can support Summit School in the School Cents Program at Chandler Fashion Center! Thank you for your support!

Submit Receipts

Each participating school earns $400 to $3,000!
Learn More
School Cents website
Chandler Fashion Center website
School Cents flyer

Support Our Summit School Community Partners

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