Animal Experimenration.

Animals have feelings to, they feel things like pain, happiness, sadness, depression, and many more however they aren't treated the same as humans. They are captured from the wild, torn from family, and sold. They are beat and experimented on. We should save animals from being experimented on and abused.

Even though animal experimentation gives us an idea on how humans react to certain things these tests aren't accurate. Only 8% of medicines that make it past animal tests survive human tests. Even tests like skin corrosion and draize eye are less accurate than simulations. Some animals are used to try to discover vaccines. However not one good human vaccine has come out of animal experimentation.
AirCruelty: Inside the Labs of Two of the Largest U.S. Primate Importers
Overall animal experimentation should not be tolerated. In most places it is not criminal . It does not even yield good results. Yet a study showed that every year more animals are tested on. We should all work together to ban animal experimentation.

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