Getting to Know Me!

by: Paige Lynch

My Name

My name is Paige Lynch! I am so excited for this year's school year because, I am going to push myself to do better. I am 19 years old and my birth month is August! I love to sing, draw, massage people, and help people when they are thinking about suicide!

What I did this summer!

This summer I got closer to my mother, my little sister, my step-father and my little brother!


I only like one book!

I am so obsessed with this book called Aaron's Story by Annette Rasp! It is a true story based on the authors nephew! It is a really amazing Book!

How long have I been with Palcs? What do I like about Palcs?

I have been with Palcs, for almost a year now and I love that all the teachers actually care about their students! I have never had a teacher before who actually cared about their students!

How I rate my tech skills!

I would rate my tech skills at about a 3-5 range because I'm not that good with everything but I'm not that great with everything either!