People Suffering in Terrible Homes

Early 1900's By: Allie Wyckoff a famous Muckraker

Dangerous Living Conditions

Many families everyday come home to terrible living conditions. Children suffering, Families crowded, not how you would want to live your life. People are living in the worst conditions possible, and the government does nothing about it. The places these people are living in are called Tenement Houses are cheap, over-populated, dirty, and unsanitary. They have to house 450,000 people. There is only 1 toilet per 20 people. 5 children and 2 parents living in these 10 by 12 feet places. The Tenement houses didn't have proper waste disposal methods either.

The Horrible living conditions didn't only effect the people living in them, It showed large results on effecting the roads and outside the building. Cities suffered from sanitation problems also. The waste often ended up in the streets, along with the garbage piling up. Also many diseases spread such as Chlorera, Typhoid, Small pox, and more. Families had to live in the dark. Many dreaded as they suffered from these challenges.


"While all tenements before central heating and air conditioning were cold in the winter and roasting hot in the summer not all tenements contained the dirty horrible living conditions with high death rates as portrayed by some of the social reformers."